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A pillar rust repair

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So I have a bit of rust on the passenger side A pillar at the top of the windshield. There is some heavy pitting but nothing that has gone thru. I was hoping to use evap-o-rust or other chemical product to do this. However, most need to be constantly drenched with the chemical to work. So I thought I could make a temporary wall around the rusted area that would hold the fluid to dissolve the rust then remove and prime/paint. However, options for sealing the temporary wall to the car seem limited to cord caulk or maybe butyl tape. I know that RTV is safe for the paint but would be very difficult to remove and being that it has silicone would make it harder for the paint to stick.

Has anyone else tried this method of rust removal? If so, how did you do it?
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A small hand-held sandblaster would work great to clean out the pitting. After blasting, you can add a very thin coat of fiberglass-filler, then a thin coat of body filler to finish it off. Be sure to prime and finish coat in paint to seal everything up from the elements.
I would say it would be best to remove the windshield to check the surrounding area as well since more often than not the area underneath the windshield is also rusted and will continue to spread.

You can also try products like corroseal or por 15. These are painted on so you won’t really have to worry about it running and can apply a couple of layers over the rusted area.
Thank you. I had not thought about a mini blasting gun. The might be just what I need.

I had the windshield replaced 10+ years ago. I dont think I had rust until that occurred but probably is a good idea to check for that.

How easy is it to pop the windshield out without breaking it?
As long as you are careful and have a cold knife, taking out the windshield is not hard at all.
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