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by popular request, here's my member journal. enjoy it's lameness. :)

i'll start with my first subaru. my coupe. my baby. i bought her back in 2002. i lived in ND at the time, and bought myself a 300ZX turbo prior to moving up there. i love turbo Z's. turbo Z's don't like snow. i came back home to NC on vacation and saw this beautiful 98 RS sitting on a lot out side my parentals neighborhood. i had to have it. it was the classic blue on gold. i bought her on a friday. saturday morning, i drove 1900 or miles from NC to ND. i took this pic 4 days after i bought her, in ND.

got a house, got a friend with a bugeye. i bought a blue stars badge on ebay. bought a OMP strut tower bar.

sold my Z:

bought eibachs with agx's. threw on some hella's. bought some rota tarmacs with falken ziex 512's. got the windows tinted. all looked like this...obviously you can't see the front...

white sands NM.

i then turned that beautiful car into a rolling piece of ****. as can be seen here in this thread...
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i moved back home SC. and made it into this..



98L Wagon
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so the headgasket were already popped when i wrecked it. pulled the engine to fix all fully rebuilt and back in the car...

purred like a kitten. nice and stock as a box of rocks. however, the stupid 4eat didn't want to put the power to the ground. something to do with the input shaft in the torque converter not getting along...or some shit. i pulled the engine about 15 times trying to get the tranny working. no go. so, after finding out that keener wanted a gc of his very own, and me tired of messing with the stupid 4eat. plus i needed transportation badly what with being a single parent an all. so, i stripped the car of all it's goodness, and sold it to him.

i bought the wagon. 1998 L. i swapped over the agx and the eibachs. the grille. the headlights and clear corners. and the tarmacs with conti's. i was satisfied.

then i decided i wanted the 99+ front end that was on the coupe to go on the wagon.


98L Wagon
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i then decided i needed tint...and i did. 5% on the back 5 and 35% on the front 2. 17in rota downshifts in sports bronze. also changed the eibach prokit out for some intrax. did the washer mod in the rear to combat the ass sag.

went rackless for a bit..

then went the total opposite direction..:lol:


98L Wagon
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then i felt the need to be swapped. and i just happened to have this pretty girl sitting there doing nothing.

stock old 2.2 ewww.

out with old, in with the new. and added an act streetlite and exedy clutch.

added more rumble.

all buttoned up.

rocked it like this for a while. then the 2.5 popped it's headgaskets. :bonk: while replacing them, i discovered a WHOLE EXTRA PAGE of torque steps in the FSM, that i didn't do. wonderful. bought new stock gaskets to replace the cometics. put a new water pump in for as the old one was old. reinstalled and torqued properly. ran like never before. for 5K. seeminlgy popped the second set of HGs. got mad. said fuck it. put the 2.2 back in. put the 2.5 under a bench in the garage and forgot about it.

98L Wagon
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lost the racks again and went back to the tarmac1's.

got an STi cat back...that i never too pics of...then it got destroyed by a tow truck driver. here's how:

dropped my girl and a friend off in front of my brothers house on the BUSIEST street in downtown columbia on the first night that school is back in session, so i could park around back to keep her out of harms way. put the car in gear, let the clutch out. nothing. stalls. "i did not just stall out wtf??" crank it back up, same. recrank and leave in neutral. get out and try to push the car. won't move. bitch is locked the hell up. another friend has AAA. call them and get a truck on the way. ten minutes later, cops roll up. block off the street. were super cool about it. 2 hours later flatbed shows up. yanks the non rolling shitpile onto the bed. when we get it to my house, he has to rock the car off as it won't move without force. slams the STi muffler into the ground and breaking welds.

replaced the tranny. YAY it works! replaced the STi axleback via mybluflameRS, who hooked a brotha up with a trade for some of the leftover RS club hoodies i did. traded the tarmacs strait up for a set of bronze 05 rex wheels with brand new tires. they suck. suck. suck. suck. painted em black. rocked it for like 6 months. painted em gold. still are gold, just now in a stack in my garage. they still suck.

a year later, and moms discovers my old engine in her garage. she demands it be removed. i bring it to my house. break it down. turns out that the shitty ass 40 buck napa water pump failed, which caused all the seemingly HG issues present again. fuck. new HG's....AGAIN...and a brand damn new 100 buck genuine subaru water pump. now i'm cooking with grease. now i'm reswapped. again.

ashley got her refund check from school and bought me some rims and tires. which i don't have pics of. got some used 17in gold tecnocasts and what seems to be the last set of 215.40.17 contiextremes in the world. she then surprised me with money to buy a STi top wing..which i've wanted since i bought the car. mad ra88it hooked me the fuck up and got it to me. debaged/painted/put elsewhere the trunk stuffs.

now we're just about current. all this was done and the car is gorgeous. get robbed at work. (pizza hut) get fired as a result of said robbery. i violated "policy", which led to the robbery. :rolleyes: feeling bad about being me, ashley buys us tickets to see sevendust for my birthday, on my birthday. (dec 5). best concert i've been to. driving back from myrtly beach, i'm hangin out in the back seat of the car, her and a friend of ours are up front. i'm continually getting more drunk as i've brought refreshments along for the ride. about 45 minutes out of columbia i hear the revs shoot up and ping the limiter. ashley flips out, pull the car over. i calm her down, tell her to shift back into first and get this show on the road. 5th gear is dead. will not put power down what so ever. 1st through 4th are still there. limp it home. next morning i take this same friend that was with us last night, to work. on the way back, 1 block from my house, and the fucking tranny thing happens AGAIN!!!! WTF!! got super lucky as i was sitting there kicking the car and a flatbed drove by. flagged him down. paid him to take me home. now i'm more broke with no car and no job. SWEET!!

and this is what happened to the first tranny in the car that i just started to break down and fix...fucking bearing decided it wanted a divorce from the pinion shaft. bastard.


98L Wagon
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Mods list: as of 2.4.12

99+ bumper cover
JDM lightweight bumper beam
hella 500 driving beam
Kartboy brackets

Baked and Blacked out headlights
Amber Corners

EDM headlight washer system

STi top wing
Replica POS midwing

JDM tails

JDM power folding mirrors

2.5L swap. DOHC.

Ebay replica headers

STi catback w/custom flex joint

ACT streetlite flywheel
Exedy OEM clutch

Unknown Brand short throw shifter
Subaru Extra S front and rear

Intrax springs
Group N strut tower mounts

OMP front tower bar

17in gold tecnocast's. 14lbs!
215.40.17 conti Extremes

Paranoid Fabs rear spacers
Paranoid Fabs front cowl braces

AVO outrigger bushing set
Poly trailing arm bushings

Poly front control arm bushings

v4 STi steering wheel

99RS Shift knob
03 WRX front seats
03 WRX rear seat
03 WRX carpet
RS dash and interior trim
5% back /35% front tint

Painted rear portion of ugly tan interior

Egay rear C pillar brace

Dent in passenger door from my brother
Scratches in tint from my brother and ashley
Gouges in rear bumper from german shepherd and sib husky
Rattle can front bumper to cover my lack of paint skills
Door dings on EVERY body panel thanks to parking lots
Studded belt scratches on rear hatch from me
Shitty door panels that i tried to paint with krylon
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