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For Christmas my dad signed me up for a day of high performance/racing lessons at Infineon Raceway (formerly Sears Point). first half was some little lessons and things and then we had about 1.5 hours of track time. needless to say, it was awesome, and here are some pics
o yea, i had a broken headlight and scratched bumper at the time (hit a guardrail in the rain at 25mph)

(sorry my dad doesnt know how to use the zoom on my camera)

a couple other cars that were there (about 15 in total)

this car was completely rebuilt, basically nothing stock except the engine block and the shell (had sparco seats and disc brakes all around etc.) also, one of the most badass sounding mustangs ive ever heard (maserati was in the class too)

there is a group shot but i dont have it right now

basically, i was the only guy there with a car worth less than 30k because everyone was a lot older and very rich, i got passed a lot being that everyone had about 200 + hp on me at least
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