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Hey Everyone Dan here!

I'am a Body man myself and painter i like the wingless look and wanted to get rid of the holes and afterall im redoing my car! This is a How to with pics on a perfect finish!

Items Needed:
- Mig Welder
-Copper plate or Pipe hammered Flat
-Air Compressor
-Mar Glass or Bondo Jelly
-A Lighweight Filler i chose Marson Platinum
-Grinder electric or air
-DA Sander
-80,180,320 Grit
-Sanding Block
-Blow Gun

Warning: Do not attempt this mod if you have little or none metal working Experience!

I chose to remove my Deck lid as a less chance of damaging my car

1. Grind around existing holes where to be welded to clean metal
also used as a ground source for welder!

2. What id did to fill the small holes was go around the edge or the hole
zapping it just so it builds up but does not burn through the metal, you can use a metal plate or slug to fill but i could not find anything at the time. For the large hole i used a piece of copper pipe and smashed one end flat and bent it so i could mate it against the large hole(weld will not stick to copper or brass so creates a flat weld). Now once you start the weld take short burst and do not have alot of heat build up or you will warp the trunk instantly! Go from one side to the other and work slowly. Once you have the holes filled you can grind them but do gently as the heat can still warp it.

3. Once all holes are ground down and flat look for any signs or pinholes or cracks in your weld and reweld it.

4.) now take and grind a area large enough for putting marglass from one end to the other on where you ground the holes.

5. Mix up the Mar Glass with Hardner and spread( Mar glass is A waterproof filler and a very rigid strong filler and has good fill properties)

6. I like to sand my glass as it is tacking up so you get chunks that fall off that look like graded cheese use a 36 grit grade sandpaper to do this.

7. Once you grade it wait sand with a 80 grit on a DA and make the filler straight or use a block.

8. now you have filled and started the sculpting process.

9. Feather out an area with your DA large enough so you can apply filler and straightin out.

10. Take you LW filler ( Marson is a great company i like ther platinum line as it is creamy, easy to spread and somewhat pin holy free lol)
Mix it up and spread accordingly to your feathered out area.

11.) Once it also tacks up i use my DA with 80 ( I can straightin out filler with a da from Experience if your new use a block) and sand it down till its flat and i cant see any low spots. Run your hand across and feel it for waves,highs, and lows. Once your good switch to 180 paper and block it out or DA it for a finish i block as the results are excellent and comes straight, The switch to 320 and pep the filler/ panel for primer. Blow it all off and check for pinholes or any imperfections.

12. If any holes use a putty to fill it in.

13. Use a prepsolvent to clean the panel and use for primer a polyester primer (basically a sprayable body filler and takes care of sand scratch swelling) You dont have to but my car is black and i dont want years down the road for it to fail and see the scratches. Once that primer is cured block it out with 320 and prime with a reg HB filler primer that uses a Catalyst. It is chemically hardened and will not shrink once painted. Aersols can be used but its your choice and money do what you please.

14.) Prime away!

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I'd just panel bond some metal slugs behind the holes

that way you don't need to worry about the welding warping the sheetmetal...


metalwork is kinda fun though...

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On average, how much would this procedure cost to get done? What about with paint? I've been wanting to go wingless for a long time. Looks great.
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