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99 22B replica
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Welcome to my Journal
Purchased in June 2011 for a $400 parking fee, car was free :banana:

Just repainted 22B Sonic Blue (74F), Manley forged pistons, 4.44 trans, and 3” SS exhaust, among a few changes made in 2018 along with a third Dyno run.

2011 the day I brought it home in Northern Alberta, the first and only GC I had ever seen at that point in life
Completely stock Canadian spec 1999 2.5 RS
Canadian Rust
Cracked up windshield
4.10 RS 5spd
Ungo alarm - now working again!
JBL 6.5" coaxial speakers
189,000 kms (115,000 miles)
Beat to hell by its previous owner
Bad head gasket
Bad shocks
Cracked tires
No tunes

Recent Photo

Section 1, Complete repaint begins this page
Followed by a DIY head gasket swap
DIY coilover Springs/shocks install

Section 2, DIY Aerosim 22B/WRC wdebody Install begins page 8
New interior carpet
22B Nardi wheel swap
WRC wing
18” wheels
My Boosted $400 99RSTI - Page 8 - Subaru Impreza GC8 & RS Forum & Community:

Section 3, DIY EJ253 Rebuild. page 24
Delta Cams 1500
MLS head gaskets
Nex Exedy KSB04 clutch
Felt nice and peppy

Section 4, Boosting the EJ253 with a TD04
“Knock knock.”
“Who’s there?”
Subachad up/down pipes
Vortech RRFPR
05-07 WRX IC
Boost worthy Gauges
182WHP 195WTQ @ 7psi (dyno p54)

Section 5, Boost done right, 2nd rebuild, STI bottom end, VF39, Emtron Standalone EMS Starts around page 62
254 WHP @ 11psi

Section 6, Sonic Blue Paint, 22B bumper, Forged Pistons, JDM trans, 3"exhaust, and other upgrades
283 WHP @ 11psi dyno runs P109
Upgrades start Page 87 P87

Current Mods

Aerosim 22B/WRC Widebody
22B Sonic Blue Paint
22B WRC CF Adjustable wing
New Front lights w LED bulbs
Hella 1000 FF Fogs
JDM tails
Rallytech mudflaps
30" LED bumper light bar

06 STI Seats
22B Nardi Wheel wrapped
New STI floor mats and pedals
Zealous Interiors leather Shift boot
Zealous Interiors armrest cover
Zealous Interiors OEM dark grey mass back carpet
Zealous Interiors Blue Alcantara Door panel inserts
3 Gauge pillar running Wideband O2, Oil Press, Vac/Boost
7" Xtrons DVD head unit
MTX 4244 Amp
12" Kicker in custom spare tire well enclosure
Kicker CAP
4 JBL 6.5" mids
Red LED gauge lights

Engine and Drivetrain
EJ253 Block
EJ253 16V SOHC Heads
99.5mm Manley Forged Pistons 8.7CR
EJ257 Connecting rods
EJ257 Crankshaft
IHI VF39 Turbo
Delta 1500 Cams
Ported and Polished heads
Walbro 255 fuel pump
Injector Dynamics 725cc/min
AEM dryflo shorty intake
GFB Stealth BOV
UEL tubular SS header
3" SS exhaust
Stage 2 clutch
98 STI 5 speed 4.44 trans
R160 Rear LSD
TB heater bypass
Emtrons SL4 Standalone ECU
Automatic Boost control solenoid
8mm Phenolic Intake manifold spacer
04 WRX intake manifold
Flipped RS TB

Drag DR-34 18x8" wheels 35 offset
Maxxis Victra Z4S 245/40ZR18 Tires
1" rear spacers to fill in the widebody
98 STI front cross member
98 STI aluminum control arms
Ground control Coilover sleeves
Eibach 325 front 250 rear springs
New KYB GR2 struts
DIY Stiffened Engine and Trans mounts
CF STI front tower brace
22mm rear sway bar
98 STI 4/2 piston brake calipers
New WRX rotors
Braided brake lines

Future plans
Car shows and meets. Track Tires and lightweight rims....?

Long term plan
Basically my long term goal is to turn the car into a LHD 22B/WRC replica and enjoy driving it, travel to the car shows in it and meet other people who appreciate rare and well cared for autos. It may see a drag strip one day or possibly a track day, but just for fun.

Acquiring the car
This little RS used to belong to a guy I work with. It developed a bad head gasket and he couldnt make his monthly commute to and from Edmonton 800km so he “sold” it to his Dad, who traded it in on a new Ford truck. The dealership just left it at the tire shop where it was parked, worthless to them. A year later it was still there, my buddy the last registered owner wanted nothing to do with it and feeling guilty about abandoning it. The owner of the tire shop told me it wouldn't pass an inspection and he had called a junk yard to come pick it up but they hadn't showed yet. I looked it over and made him an offer to to buy the keys, We settled on $400 cash after I offered $500. lol He wanted it off his property. I got it though an inspection, insured, and registered it. I've since done everything myself with the exception of the ECU install.

I always wanted a Subaru for a little get around DD to save the mileage and gas on my Truck. We never saw these little cars in Northern Alberta till after 2002 when the USDM WRX came out. Till then I'd never seen one. I like the two door RSs alot. I paid the Tire shop $400 for parking it there for a year and drove it home. It fired right up, there were friggin' cats living under the hood when I opened it up to look at the engine!

It had been abused, hit by a bus on the drivers door, driven off the road across a ditch, bumped, and not washed enough. I didn’t want to drive such a POS so I decided to put some work into the car. It became a long term project.

It needed a lot of TLC but I saw a great little car under all the rust and dents.

First Repaint
First thing was to bring it in the garage and strip the car. there was alot of cancer all over in the usual areas, the wheel wells, the sunroof, under the side molding. The drivers door closed fine and the window even worked after it was hit by a bus with the door open. But the door had to go.

After finding one at a junk yard and having it shipped up the price of the car went up 200% that hurt. But I could still see that great little Impreza sitting there. Ripped off the old door and replaced the window and motor assembley.

I had to get the car a new windshield to pass inspection and the tires almost failed as well but the mechanic took pity on me I think lol.

The rear struts are shot and the front L bumper was Fubared too so I bought a new RS bumper cover direct from Subaru. My plan is too paint the car a metallic white and see how it turns out, get some feedback from other Impreza guys and then some new brakes, shocks, and tires. Rims for next spring. I'm almost done the painting process, just the bumper covers and fog light covers to go but need to take the pics off my Iphone and upload them. More posts and pics to go! This is a fun little car, what a wicked project but **** this is alot of work, good thing I have a wicked joba nd alot of free time with the woman and kids gone for a month during the summer.


98 OBS
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Awesome find. Take a bunch of pictures and take your time.
This^ you have made a ton of progress, keep up the good work!

Words cannot describe how badly i've longed to find a deal like you got and i also agree with ms. rae +1234567 to aspen white :D

99 RS 2.5 Blue, 95 L
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Nice to see one that is going to get back to specifications :) Or more...haha

I'm sort of doing the same thing with mine, but instead of abuse, mine was just ghetto.

99 22B replica
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Ok some more pics!

Aftrer I stripped the car down to the naked body I took it to one of the hangars at work and sprayed Asphalt undercoat over the rear steel bumper, the rocker panels under the doors, inside the trunk and under the front fenders. I hope this will quiet the car and keep the rust down for a while. there was alot on the rear in many places.

Undercoat sprayed on the car. I used 1 gallon of the stuff. Thought I'd have some left over but i used it all and had just enough I think. wanted to give it a nice thick coating of the stuff where the body wont be seen but needs protection. If more car makers did this at the factor Cars would last twice as long.

Then I brought it home and bondo'ed the rear quarters over the last bit of rust that I couldnt get out, the sander kept going and going but never hit bare steel. There was alot of rust at the rear part of the fenders. After the bondo cured I sanded and primed with self etching primer. Later I learned the rattle can stuff was no good and I had to go with Poly Urathane two part sealer primer with Zinc Chromate in it, all the grey primer came off.

the first coat of Sealer primer went on a couple days ago, It set very fast and smelled the worst. I used Endura paint btw. All the mechanics I work with told me I was crazy to use Endura, They say its too soft and rock chips too easy. I say paying over a grand on paint for a $400 car is crazy, All the paint for the car cost me under $400. I've used Endura on my Dakota Sport and my old Chev Beretta GTZ and never had a problem with it. I went with a Bright metallic white. Its hard to see in these pics but it has a great shimmer in the light without looking to ???? Lexus???? or Cadillac. The first paint I tried on the fog light covers was too creamy, It was a code form the 2011 Ford F150 White metallic. The next color turned out perfect I think. matches the factory white color really well but has a great extra pop under bright light.

After the first coat of Sealer I scuffed the primer and added the "Trim Guard" 15/16" body side molding. used a roll of tape to mark a straight line before placing it on. It had to go on before the base coat to catch the white color. It was awesome to have help for this process. After this I masked and sprayed under the moon roof and the rest of the roof.

The first coat of base color!!! turned out really well once I had my gun set up properly. Shitty thing I ran out of Base color because the distributor only gave me half what I ordered. It took a full quart of part A and a full quart of part B to paint the base coat.

For all the Rooks out there, DONT USE POLY or PLASTIC on the making process to cover the car, the paint will flake off as soon as its dry and get in your next coat unless its all removed after. Use a roll of masking Paper. I learned this the hard way on my old 89 Chev pickup. someone may notice its in the pics above but that was only for the Undercoat application after that it all went in the trash bin. Garbage bags are cool to use to cover the tires but they should be turned inside-out after and only used once more before they collect garbage on the floor.

Rolled it outside and you can see I ran out of paint on a couple spots, mostly on the lower doors and rear quarters but you cant see the roof which still needed alot of base coat. The best thing to do with your first coat I think is to do all the seams gaps corners and lines on the car. Some guys might get a little paint happy and try to do all the panels evenly. But after your done its easy to find splatter or spots of thinner paint on the lines of the car if you dont coat them first while you can see them clearly, adding an even coat tricks your eyes

after the first base coat I sanded and prepped the plastic bumpers. Once again I knew there wasnt enough paint to do them as well but I left them on to get some over spray and save me some paint later. The good thing about not having enough paint is you cant over do it. That used to be one of my mistakes, putting too much on at once. Then sags happen and the paint takes days to set if it dries fast it gets less dusty and insects Or Damn Cats cant ruin your work.

Ok last pic this post

This is after the second basecoat, topcoat of Metallic white and a clearcoat. I think it turned out real good for an ameture with cheap paint. Next pics will be the unwrapping once the paint has set up maybe tomorrow if I dont get a flight, one more day of work left 20 days plus 8 extra overtime, Im exhausted. I'd be done already if I hadnt been so busy at work this week.

Let me know what you guys think, anyone used Endura in the States? Im up in Northern Canada.


99 22B replica
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had a couple more on the iphone. Shitty pics I know. ill bring my still camera from now on.
Still have to do the bumper covers and a couple odds and ends but the car body is done. now just wait a day or two till the body is dry.


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Keep up the great work! I hope to one day own a Aspen White RS or WRX and that metallic white makes it look even better!

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Good job, it's always refreshing to see someone do their own work.

"For all the Rooks out there, DONT USE POLY or PLASTIC on the making process to cover the car, the paint will flake off as soon as its dry and get in your next coat unless its all removed after" - They make a specific "painter's plastic" that has one side with a coating to prevent this from happening.

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...nice to see a great car with an owner that appreciates the value of how great these cars are. My 93 L 2wd is the best dd I've ever had... it owes me nothing and despite the constant negative comments from co-workers, girlfriends, and family, I love my subie and it wil be a sad day if we ever part ways. That car will give back everything you put into it.
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