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Looking for some help. I have a 98 legacy GT 2.5L that I bought in Aug. 02. I love it and am wondering what kind of proformance modifications I can do with it. Got some Questions here if anyone wants to help.
Whats the differance Between a Legacy 2.5 and an Impressa 2.5 RS?
Is it easier to put a turbo on my 2.5 or should I just do an engine swap with a 2.5 that has a turbo?
Want to put a new header and exhust on,what's the best for HP gains and keeping the car at stock sound levels or just over that?
Should I just give up and trade this one in for an Impressa?
Trying to keep the costs down and would like to proform all of the work myself! I already put a Weapon cold air intake on and like the results but want it to go faster. Any help please!:confused:
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