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Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this and possibly help me.
I have a 98 2.5rs Coupe that I am fixing some Issues on. The harness came to me from the previous owner with the interior side door connectors cut off (believe they were corroded) and the passenger window was stuck half way. So both door harnesses are cut wires that I am splicing together to see what goes with what. However the colors do not match up and the driver interior door side has extra wires.
I am about to paint the car but cannot get the passenger window to move at all.(drivers window works) I have bought another set of coupe doors (different year by the looks of the plugs) and tried wiring that door in with no luck. I have replaced the passenger side window switch.
The car has an iWire 02 wrx ej205 swap and the interior harness may have been replaced? I am stumped on what wires go where as the colors do not directly match up. As I said I have another door to test if need be. Left a picture showing the wire colors and what matches and what doesn't, I know the pass window goes through the main switch so it might be an issue on the driver door as well.

I have been stuck here for a little bit so I appreciate any help and if you need any more information from me just let me know.



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