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I've been driving this car for two years now. No issues so far outside of wear items and maintenance.

1997 subaru impreza coue
188,2xx miles

time belt and related items changed at 180,000 by our famliy mechanic and no issues since then(a year).

Last heavy rain we had i had some issues the following day. The car flat stalled 3 times, twice at a stop light and once while accelerating to 40mph on the highway. It then behaved normally the rest of the day. Since then there has been the occasional hesitation and or stumble at low RPM's.

This morning on the way to work the car was stumbling/missing with some constancy with a click/switch sounded coming from the drivers side A/C/heat vent.
No code though.

On the way home it finally through a i stopped by Autozone by my house and got the code read. The code pulled was a P1100..."starter switch circuit malfunction"

with the probable causes listed:

-open or short circuit
-failed starter interlock relay
-failed park/neutral switch
-failed starter motor

My starter works fine. No issues there i believe. My battery is good and so is my alternator. No issue starting the car whatsoever.

I have a feeling it is a short or ground issue as like i said earlier, i had this issue after driving through heavy rain/puddles.

Is there a typical go to problem with this code or do i just have to poke around in the dark until i get lucky?

The generic p1100 description from the OBDII unit is MAF sensor circuit intermittent which would make the stumbling make sense.

Any ideas where i should start looking? I do not know where the interlock relay nor park/neutral switch is located...
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