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Hey man, I've got to check the measurements when I get the other engine in. Give me a couple days for the power steering.

04 WRX Wagon, 96 Brighton Coup
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Im part out a 95 L coupe the milegae 132,xxx it is dark green
this is all i have but i may have forgot a few parts
brand new radiator auto 50 pending
electric fans 40 for both
mirrors 45 for both black different then rs
wiper switch with harness $30
x2 starter 30 each started the car everytime
94L ecu X8 $100
95L ecu Z7 $100
front bumper and crashbar $60
rear bumper and crashbar $60
mudflaps for all four no cracks $25
axles fronts and rears 25 each
trunk with spoiler $50 dark green
front lower control arms 60 for both
suspension when i drove it it was fine no noise $100 for all four SOLD
lateral link 50 for all four
front swaybar $15
fuel pump $30
shifter column with cable $30
15" steelies $100 with tires
front knuckles/hub $25 each
x2 airbox with no maf 20 upper and lower lid
coolant reservoir plastic 5
black canister for EVAP system goes on front 10
wiper motor snd regulator arms 20
dark green and white color cover that goes on taillights 5 for both
trunk hanger dark green, 15 for both
x3 steering wheel 15 each
metal bracket radio with ashtray 20
heater core and evaporator core 50 with plastic assemly
blower box with plastic assembly 50
front sway bar with endlinks 30
steering rack with lines 80
all of harness engine, dash, center console 150
front crossmember 50
all outside trim on doors edges $60 for both side
r160 100 for 4:11 no lsd
right and left taillights harness $10 for both
driver rear taillights has slight crack but never had water go in it. $15 obo
rubber weatherstrips I have coupe and sedan
more to list and price will be up later
I would like to buy the driver side exterior door trim. Please send me a price shipped to 92708 along with your PayPal account via pm.

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And what piece are you talking about? I have weatherstrip and a few other parts, need to look at stash.
161 - 180 of 302 Posts