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The coils look great! Where did you order them from? I looked up a few sites but they're all Japanese, not sure if they're legit or not.
Thanks! 999 Automotive on eBay, blackhawkjapan is another reputable one.
I can’t speak for where the OP bought them, but I’ve used RHDJapan to buy a lot of Cusco parts. has some too. Thanks for commenting in my thread Bast, always loved your car.

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JDM GC Aluminum Lateral Links:
Wood Gas Flooring Tool Hand tool

A friend of mine was getting out of the Subaru game so I scored these JDM GC8 Lateral Links for a killer deal. They bought a very responsible Honda Fit (that achieves great fuel economy) and was just looking to walk away from them, so I jumped at the opportunity for a complete set.

Here they are all cleaned up:
Tool Gas Rectangle Composite material Auto part

Was tempted to just clear over them and call it a day - but if you saw the first photo, you knew I had other motives...

First Aegean Blue Metallic paint matched lat links (that I've seen, please correct me if I'm wrong):
Engineering Flooring Gas Machine Metal

Final Product:
Tire Building Automotive tire Wheel Vehicle

I enjoy how the Teal posts contrast the Aegean BLUE. Lol.

Working on planning to order a set of Whiteline or Prothane polyurethane bushings and have them pressed in. All part of the process for the suspension re-fresh that I'm doing on the Bluebird. This includes Cusco Zero-A's and transmission xmember poly bushings as well.

I think I have a secret for the rocker panel siderails too with some Laille by Beatrush sill-plates (not pictured). I doubt they'll make the unibody more rigid, but they will make it more cool and provide extra meat for jacking up the car.

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Thicc Update:

Automotive fuel system Automotive tire Motor vehicle Car Automotive air manifold

Awhile back (a few months ago) I was doing research on the throttle body bypass mod for these cars. This past summer I was having idling issues with my Antique when sitting in the Aroma Joes line waiting for my beverage. So now skip to the future and (so I thought) I would kill two birds with one stone and just go ahead and bypass the coolant. Knowing what I know about these cars I thought it wouldn't do much. But it turns out I was wrong thinking too much, and it did much! You might notice in the photo the two lines that need to be connected.

My Impreza appears to be quite faster without burning hot coolant coursing through the throttle body! Who knew!

Editors note: Adjustment of the coiled idle device to the right of the blue silicone coupler will be required for correct idling! There's a bolt that requires an Allen key below the throttle body.

New goal achieved:

Wheel Automotive tire Hubcap Alloy wheel Automotive design

Automotive tire Alloy wheel Motor vehicle Rim Tread

Yes, these are authentic Watanabe's (RS-8 to be exact) that I scored for a killer deal. I plan to put narrow 185 Yokohama Ascension tires on them just to see what they look like as I don't drive anymore. Can't wait to see the driveway photos.

Nice size parts pile:

Train Wood Bumper Electronic instrument Rolling

These are for future projects with the Bluebird (also for a reminder to nag at me for stockpiling, fathering and not wrenching);

-OG grille / mirrors
-Cusco coilovers
-Beatrush sill plates (Yes these are still uninstalled)
-Wider track son'd laeral links with urethane bushings
-Regular v4 unblemished fog covers (or decal'd I'm still unsure)
-Annnnnnd a stretch there with needing to clean my work area! "3/4" of an Lol"

I lied once and said I was going to swap out the HKS coilovers over the course of the winter. That probably isn't happening. It's nice to dream though, never lose sight of your dreams. For instance, I might be going back to school (online) and finally getting my bachelors degree (that is if the Sun let's me).
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