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Bride X Cusco Seats Arrive At Last:

Here this is completed and sitting up on the bench. Used old rails for mounting purposes from the eBay seller ShiftUp in San Francisco. Worked like a charm; A good rule of thumb for securing the mounting hardware is to tighten until you hear carbon fiber cracking. Ordered passenger side seat rails since I didn't have any in stock...

Quality for these seats was beyond what I was expecting. Fit and finish is exceptional and for a 'wide' seat they still perform way past my expectations. Expert level construction, with extreme lightness in the carbon fiber aramid weave department. These sit low like a Bride low-max.

I tested these out on the Touge and they hug you like that holding monster they always talk about. I would say worth the wait but I don't like waiting.

All in all 100% satisfied, perfect product-I recommend and endorse.
461 - 468 of 468 Posts