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I’m still undecided about what to do about my tranny situation over the winter....

As of now I still have my stock 2.5rs 5 speed tranny in the car....beating the crap out of it and it is still going....13.07 @ 107
Really only has to last until the end of October then it is garaged for the winter. So, doesn’t matter what happens to the tranny.

Anyways....plan on putting something a little stronger in subaru over the winter...

Decided against PPG or RA gears due to the weakness that I have to use my rs tranny case. The case is weak as hell and torsion will bust my new gears. So I am deciding to do one of two things:

1. 6 speed sti conversion swap
2. older style sti 5 speed tranny...(4.44 gears)

Looking to make this into a drag vehicle so it must be able to handle power well. I have an incredibly fast Evo that I need to put the smack down on!

Thinking to myself...the 6 speed would be able to hold a ton of power, but the gearing is not right for the drag strip. On the other hand, the older style sti 5 speed trannys that are 4.44 geared must hold a lot of power since they were made originally for the sti in Japan....

Is there any truth to my thoughts? Could I use a 5 speed sti tranny and romp on it with my winter goal of 450-550whp?

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