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5th gear keeps popping out !!

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I really need some help with this problem of mine, yesterday i was at the racing track and i misshifted third gear whe runing in the 1/4 mile, whe i finally got it in the car kept on running fine, but later when turning back i shifted to 5th gear and it grined and popped out.

Right now what happens when you try to shift into 5th, it grinds, but if you wait a scond or two until you fill the gear engaging it would not grind, but after 30 second or so of driving the gear would just pop out by itself, if you keep the hand on the shift knob it wouldnt do it but you could feel it bumping in your hand trying to come out.

All of the other gears work fine and i have never had grinding problems, what i really do not understand is that the gear i misshifted was 3rd but 5th is the one gving me the problem, i know Subaru transmissions are really week, but could anyone help me out with any clue of whats going on.??

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What year is your car?

I've heard that there was a problem with '00 RS having a screw walk loose, and I think it was the 5th gear synchro that it messed with.
I hate to say it, but it sounds like (no pun intended) the syncro for 5th is thrashed, and not allowing the gear to engage fully. $$$$ ouch! $$$$ Possibly could be a bent or damaged shift fork as well... also no cheap.
My car is a 2000 2.5 RS. My real problem is that i live in Dominican Republic and Subaru dealers here did not bring the RS so i do not know if they will have the synchro to replace it if that is the problem.

I think it could be a bent shift fork, because I shifted hard into 3rd gear and when it did not come in i forced it i think.

Anyways, do they have to dismount the hole transmission to fix any of these possible problems??
This is what you need to know I had the same issues but there was a TSB released and I think it was for MY00 if i am not mistaken
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