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MY00 2.5RS 5MT

The stock shifter is feeling loose lately. It feels like there is at least a 1/4 inch of play where the lever is free to move around. (Ex. Grab shifter, begin moving to 1st, 1/4 inch of looseness, then i can feel the shifter moving parts. Goes into 1st, while in first 1/4 inch of play left to right.) I am also hearing some (not sure how to describe it right) rattling or vibrating for the lack of better words at the moment.

Background Info: Car was fixed under warrenty for popping out of fifth gear at cruising speeds. This was about 40k miles. I now have 60k+ now. Sorry i cant be more specific on what was fixed:happynow: Anyway, when i got the car back the shifter was nice and tight, and now i'm noticing that something is comming loose.

Has anyone else experienced this or can anyone give me an idea what to look for when i try to fix it myself? I haven't had my car in pieces yet so i dont know what it looks like or what could be the problem. Does it sound like it could be as simple as a loose nut, or are there a number of things than can go wrong far deeper in the tranny that can cause this.
Thanks for your help in advance.
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