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5 Star Shine

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Anybody use this product? The site is as cheesy as the Tornado's and the Spiralmax's, and the testimonials sound so fake. It was a link from LarryGanz's site. Patented? So is the 'fake-*ss' tornado products...
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kind'a off topic here ........check our PM kickin_81!!
That site is so funny. They talk about how it uses teflon to protect, but even DuPont ( who invented and owns the patent on teflon) says that they do not recommend its use for paint care and protection as they have never found any benefit to its properties for that purpose.
Yup, sounds like the product is affliated with THE GREAT "Tornado Fuel Saver." Lovely, more of what we need. :curse:

Thanks for the input 'Temp-man'
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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