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42mm Offset

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Anybody out there running a 42mm offset wheel? If so, what size tire are you using? I'm running a 42mm offset with 215/45 17 tires and have been getting some rubbing on the fenderlip at the very top of the arch. I have removed the rubber trim piece on the fender, and if all else fails, plan on rolling the fender lip to get the clearance. I hope to avoid the rolling.:cool: :cool: Thanks!!
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I run a 215/40/17 on a 50mm offset and it rubs under hard cornering. Mine rub on the liner. I removed the liner on one side and it now shreds the tire. Don't take the liner off unless you are rolling the lip! Actually now that I think about it the only time it rubbed after I removed the liner was when there were three girls in the back seat. So if you plan on putting 300 lbs in the back of your car take corners carefully.

Puckaveli - Thanks for the reply! How wide are your rims? Is your car lowered or does it have aftermarket performance springs? Just checking to eliminate variables. Thanks again!!!:) :)
The common sonsensus is that you need an offset of 48 or greater.
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