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4-Pot / SS Brake line Q's

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I finally got the last piece of the puzzle to upgrade my brakes. I got the spring clip (AKA anti-rattle clip) today from my local Subaru/Nissan dealer. I plan on installing SS-Brake lines and 4-Pot brakes this weekend. I've done some searching here and the "other" board and I've come up with some good info. I was wondering if anyone could let me know any watch-outs or give me any pointers before I attempt this. I plan on doing my normal Scoobymods pic/write-up deal, but it's always nice to have some input from others that have been there before.



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Hey Peaty.

On the SS brake lines, be sure to secure the line in the metal grommet that attaches to the strut body. The SS lines can 'slip' through that grommet and that's why you had to help me run and get a new brake line, remember? The line had slipped and rubber against the inside of the wheel, and... you know what happened. I just used two zip-ties on the chassis side of the grommet - you want all the play in the line between the grommet and the chassis since they move in relation to one another. When you install the lines, I suggest attaching to the metal line first, route to caliper, then attach there. This will help avoid twisting the line.

Oh, and I would use vice grips and and 10mm wrench on the brake line where is attaches to the metal line. The last thing you want to do is try to loosen the line and twist the metal line.

The 4-pots are bolt on, just don't mount them upside down with the bleeder valve at the bottom (like Jeff did...), or you won't be able to bleed them. ;)

Use a good brake fluid. There's a good post at the "other site" in Suspension about brake fluids. I just switched to ATE Super Blue Racing this week. :)

Did you get the speedbleeders yet? They will definately help.

The first HPCCC is this weekend! Jeff and I (and a friend of mine) are going out. Come out and put that camera to use! Drop me an email or call me and let me know if you want to come out.

- Steve
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FYI - the general consensus on the RM Solo list is that Motul 600 brake fluid is the best you can get. Apparently you should change it once a year, but it doesn't boil,great for racing, great for all around town driving. I'm gonna get me some. :)
Well, I'm almost all set for the install tomorrow. I have to get the brake fluid but I've been calling around and so far no Motul, is the ATE Super Blue a Ford brand? I can't remember. I want to do the install so I may just get something to hold me over till I can order some. I did see some Valvolene (sp?) synth. That any good?
Motul absorbs water too fast and should be used for racing only.

ATE Super Blue Racing is the best all-around fluid you can probably buy. You can order it from ogracing -

Again, there's a lot of info is the sticky post on I-Club.

If you need a hold-over Peaty, I've had luck with Castrol GT LMA.

- Steve
Well, I'm done (mostly) putting them on. It was a lot simpler than I thought it would be. I got some good pics and will be doing an install page tonight probably. I still have to put the SS brake lines on the rear but I'm taking a break (brake?) Ben should be here around noon and he can help me bleed the brakes then we'll put in his Kartboy shifter and bushings. More to follow.
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