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I've had a check engine light since I put on my HFC so I decided to check the codes again to make sure I didn't have any more. But I did!! 4 of em actually

P1443 EVAP Control System Vent Control Function Problem
I dont even know wtf this means.

P0420 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold
this one is from the HFC. Its what caused the original check engine light. I'm not worried about this one, although I do have to find a stock cat so i can get inspected. Anybody in the watertown, ma area want to let me borrow one:D

P0136 - Rear Oxygen Sensor Circuit Malfunction. This one is kinda weird, I though I replaced the rear o2 sensor a few months ago. I may have replaced the front one though.

P0420 - Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold
yea I got this code twice. I wonder what that means? It must be realllly far below threshold.

I think I will just replace the rear o2 and switch out the cat for inspection but i dont know what to do about the EVAP control thing

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Yeah I throw the 136 code pretty much on the daily. The fix, as I understand it, is to space the rear O2 sensor out so the exhaust temp./pressure/speed (or one of those three) doesn't cause a CEL. Basically you just get an extender thing for the sensor, found at a hardware store.

There is a write up to a fix somewhere... I have the ScanGauge and would highly recommend it for several reasons; one of which is the ability to clear CEL's.

EDIT: I used to get the 1443 code but it stopped for some reason. I think it's something with vacuum pressure.
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