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4-20 weekend in Glamis!

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Hell yeah! First off let me say (Sean!) This thread is not to be post whored!

This is a legitimate thread promoting the idea of getting a trip together to go out to Glamis (or Ocotillo if people would prefer), but I haven't gone to Glamis yet this desert season (which is almost over), and Glamis is more well know for you LA guys... and it's definetly worth the drive. Ok so lets get some thoughts and opinions out there and let me know if you think this is do-able!
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What...Got any?????? (wink, wink):biggest: :p
I might be a post whore but I guess we can call you a thread whore. After all you already have a thread on this subject!!!!

Like I said before, I'm down to go as long as I can get away from the Import Auto Salon early enough.
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