Subaru USDM Red 4/2 pot brakes with everything needed (adapters, rotors, pads etc) to bolt them to your GC. A bit dirty as pictured but really good condition $700 OBO
GC Rear spindles/knuckles & Hubse Passenger Rear has a bad wheel bearing. Otherwise good condition $100
Konig Feathers 17x7.5 ET45 with Potenza tires in 215/45R17 - Wheels are 17.7lbs each - $450obo
R160 3.9 FD Differential - Good seals, no issues - $125
R160 Rear OEM axles - one has a bad boot CV's are good. $150
Bosal 3" Cat back exhaust - Modified for optimum fit GC chassis. This is essentially the GD chassis SPT exhaust. $100 obo
Front GDB (V9 STi) subframe with LHD steering rack + Tie rods etc $150obo
Rear GC subframe with later links $150
V9 STi aluminum front lower control arms with cones - $150
4EAT driveshaft $75

Whiteline 27mm sway bar with whiteline end links and locking collars $150 for GC chassis
GD STi factor rear sway bar $75

I will update with more parts/picture as I sort through the rest of my parts