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I have a bunch of 3.3Ω resistors to turn off your airbag lights or for anything that you can use a 3.3Ω; resistor for. Prices are +$1.50 to cover shipping and handling shipped to anywhere in the U.S. Just PM me and Ill ship them right to your door. Get deals if you buy more than 2!

1- $3.00
2- $5.00
3- $7.25
4- $9.50
5- $12.25

Installation: This is for the seats.

Here is the female connector:

This is the resistor bent:

Final Product:

Sorry for it being so blurry stupid cell phone pics

Then just tape it up i also found out to put them both in check to make sure they shut it off before tape up. but the ends are a little long so you can put them in see how far they stick out then guestimate on trimming them up and they will go flush with the female connector.

Full Disclosure: I am not responsible for any injuries caused if in an accident. You may do this modification on your on will knowing that you are working with the Airbags and safety equipment of your vehicle
1 - 5 of 5 Posts