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I have finally planned the future of my 2000 2.5

I am going to get the motor rebuilt/BUILT. My goal is to stay N/A but walk those STIs that are going to be flooding the streets.

I am thinking I will need: Roller Cams, Head work including larger valves and decked possibly ported but not polished. I believe that polished surfaces are good for NASCAR when you run wide open all day. But, a nice bead blast surface surface is good for fuel atomization and mid range power. My target power band is 3-6000 but I am flexible.

How much can you bore a 2.5 before the block is no good for future rebuild?

What crank, rods and pistons are the best?

Throttle body and fuel system?

Do they make an aftermarket intake yet?

I would really appreciate some insight...I would like to spend less than 10,000
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