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OOOOH! Me wants to late brake with these!

Scoobysport/Pagid Group N+ discs

Scoobysport Brembo/AP Ultimate 16" Brake Kit

Scoobysport AP Racing 6pots!

So you’ve got the track day bug. You’ve got plenty of power, you’ve sorted the suspension out so more unsprung weight isn’t a problem and you’ve got some good 17” wheels.

You want the most powerful brakes available!! The braking torque from AP’s new 6 pot kit is unbelievable. In fact it is so good, that you will need 17” slicks to use these brakes to their full potential. In ScoobySport's tests, they were able to lose over 2km/h per metre. This is brutal deceleration.

Forget brake fade, it doesn’t exist.

When ScoobySport built their track car, AP wanted to be involved.

We wanted the most powerful brakes available, AP wanted feedback from extreme use conditions. We were all very pleased with the results. AP’s new 6 pot caliper kit is quite incredible.

The leverage is so extreme that even as a driver, it takes some getting used to. For passengers, it is a scary experience. You can leave the braking so late, that passengers will try to dent the floorboards !!

3 pairs of pistons, each with diameters provide the perfect pad pressure to match the pad temperature rise along the pad length. And all in a caliper that weighs barely anymore than the best 4 pot units. The caliper uses a huge pad depth. This combined with the massive leverage afforded by using 330mm disc, gives retardation not normally found outside BTCC.

If you are serious about your track driving, then this is the brake kit for you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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