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Hey guys so I spent hours reading and reading(days)— I wanted to turbo but realized that maybe it’s better to fully understand my n/a build and prepare it little by little until I feel it’s ready for boost—

anyways I want to talk to actual living people and not read a response from 2002–

this is the list of performance “mods” on my 2007 253 swapped Impreza

(cosmetic stuff not included)

1.tsudo cat back
2. Cosmo s/r intake
3. Suspension—coils,front strut,front brace bar,harness bar
4.brakes- drilled rotors
5.grimmspeed Light weight crank pulley
6. Grimmspeed pitch mount
7.laser iridium spark plugs
8.sparco drift wheels /mich x tires
9. New timing belt
10. New water pump
11. New oem clutch

I been saving a bit and got extra cash to get some more stuff—please any suggestions!

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I'd not put too much $ into NA. While amazing when built, it's not really cost effective. I absolutely love an H6 NA build in one of these. There are better ways!

A swap is a very real choice and likely the advisable. Engines and harnesses and ecus can be had for between 1500 and 5000 depending on your goals. Transmissions can run between 1000 and 5000 easily.

I believe a lot comes down to the goals. DD vs Weekend Warrior. Track time, autox, etc. I think you start at the hubs then go up from there. 5x100 or 5x114? 240hp/tq or 300? 350?

From what I know about the 253 it can take a little boost. I believe internals plus open or semi closed block come into play. I believe people average 7 or so PSI on stock or lightly prepped RS motors.

I know a WRX swap package is a great option and about 50% less than the cost of the STI components. You could save even more cash by doing it all yourself. You'd be surprised what you can find for packages online.

Just things to think about :)
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