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It was kind of touch and go if and when the ARA (American Rally Association) would be holding any events this year, but the dates have just been announced.

EDIT: The Dates changed, check the website for the latest: 2020 ARA Schedule | ara-rally

I will be at this one volunteering:
DirtFish Olympus Rally
Nov 14th
Shelton, Wa

I have been volunteering at the Pacific Northwest events for 11 years now. Being a spectator at a rally is decent, but you are limited in where you can go (the organizers have 1 or 2 spots for spectators if you're lucky). The best way to watch a rally is to volunteer. They assign you to an epic turn or jump or somewhere cars can go off, so you are (safely) as close to the race as it gets. Alternately you could volunteer to work timing at start or finish. I try to do both timing and watching during a given event.

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