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I use a mechanic who I trust (not the dealer, they haven't been upfront with me at times). Over a year ago, I noticed a clunking sound, occurring only when I was backing into my driveway at slow speed. Backing to the left. As time passed, it got worse, happening more often; and now also going forward. ALWAYS at slow speed. No issues on the highway or at a normal turn radius. Finally figured out that the car had to be warmed up (25 minutes or more of driving) to make it happen.
Mechanics replaced my CV joint, but the problem persisted. CV joint was under warranty, so they did it again... in the process, saw some notification from Subaru (?) that this might be an issue. Still happening, and now I'm going to have to break down and go to the dealer. Looked up symptoms of a differential going bad - that's not it.
note that my guys have tried to figure this out - when it's up on the lift, checking everything they can think of, but they also think that without the car being on the ground (they've heard the clunking, brought it in after a long drive) they're at a loss... BEFORE I go to the dealer and possibly get jerked around again, anyone out there have any thoughts? 122K on the car, standard transmission. Regular oil changes, etc.
Thanks in advance for your input!
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