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2008 Back2School Cruise: Sept. 6th - Des Moines, IA!

Who: Anyone and everyone in the Midwest. Anything with 4 wheels, 2 wheels, no wheels!

What: Massive meet n' greet and cruise through Des Moines, IA

When: September 6th, 2008 @ 5:00 PM

Where: Prospect Park, Des Moines, IA - The cruise route is still being developed.

Why: Why the hell not?


Tentative Agenda for the Event:

5:00PM - Meet n' greet at Prospect Park
6:00PM- Burgers/Weiners go on the grill! [Bring your own food and beverages!]
8:00PM - Open for something to do at Prospect Park? Possible Awards for cars?
9:30PM - A massive cruise that ends back at Prospect Park with people then heading to the bridge downtown, to a shop called Wrenches, or wherever for the rest of your routine Saturday night activities take you :D

Here is a map of where Prospect Park is located in Des Moines, IA.,-93.56987&spn=0.248556,0.878906&z=11

-This is hopefully going to be a pretty big event. This is one of the first ever actual organized cruise/meet in the Des Moines area. There should be several cars coming from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Including a place called The Chop Shop. They should be bringing their cars and information about their place.

-Random House Racing will also be present. We may even have the beastly MKII Supra out. It's not complete but she might be on a trailer to look at. There should be quite a few of this local group attending.

-A massive amount of cars from and should be there as well. Lets hope that you StarCity guys head on over too as well as the NeStreetScene since we all know how huge that is!

Let's have one last huge turnout for the midwest! Fix your broke ass rides and head on over.

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