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01 Foz L & 05 BSM LGT
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Hey guys I have a 2006 STI 6mt with about 65k miles on it for sale. I bought it for my WRX but plans have changed.

Also included is a 3.54 R160 and WRX auto drive shaft.

This is a direct swap for 02-07 WRXs and earlier Imprezas

98-01 Not sure about your clutch setup but do your own research
02-05 guys you can keep your clutch and flywheel setup if you would like
06-07 guys you need to get a pull type clutch/flywheel.
05-07 LGT guys may need an Auto drive shaft from a Legacy and you will need a pull type clutch/flywheel.

You can still retain your factory axles!!

These are the only pictures I have from when I picked it up.
Yes that is an R180 in the picture but that is not for sale.

$3000 $2800 for everything Picked up!

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