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My best friend has a beautiful 2005 sti with around 100k miles on it.

his motor threw a rod and the bay went up in flames. the fire went out rather quickly and the insurnce company totaled it just as quick.

he has the shell w/ steering rack and subframes. some interior pieces

all doors available

great condition interior

BC Coilovers with less then 5k miles on them

sti subframe

sti steering rack

sti dash

sti rear seats

sti gauge cluster with about 110k miles on it

sti hood

sti bumpers

sti fenders

full titanium exhaust jic spartan 2

800cc injectors

255 fuelpump

i posted everything because hes to lazy to register a new name on these boards and im pretty sure some local 2.5 owners might like some of this stuff. and I'm all about the community!

email me and i will put you in contact with him

[email protected]
1 - 13 of 13 Posts