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I have created a spreadsheet comparing these two pin outs and have ran into a problem with the Fuel Pressure Sensor Signal Wire. On the WRX it is saying that it is B135 / 15 (B15) and it is no where to be found on the 207 Manual. Any help would be appreciated.

Here is a link to the Pin-Outs I am using.
2002 WRX:
V7 207 :

So far I am thinking these are the changes I have to make
Switch C15 to C16
splice A5 off of a16
and I'm having problems with Changing B15 to B8 since B8 is already something.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

yep. you heard me.
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Hey Eli thanks for the help I ran through what you linked as well but have ran into a couple dead ends as well.
Here is the Link to my SpreadSheet:

This is what I cannot seem to locate:

What It Controls WRX Pin STI Pin What to Do

"Fuel temperature
sensor" B6 IDK FIND

"Fuel tank pressure
control solenoid valve" D22 IDK FIND
Drain valve D11 IDK FIND

air pressure
Signal B8 IDK FIND
Power Supply B9 IDK FIND
Ground (sensor) B19 IDK FIND
(It looks better in the spreadsheet)

Anyone that can provide any direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Ryan
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