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2000 Subaru Impreza RS2.5
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I have a 2002 Wagon that constantly overheats. Changed the thermostat…Took it to subaru and they said it was the radiator. They replaced that and the thermostat again. i didnt drive it too much after a while due to work and life. Then drove it one weekend and discover the radiator had busted. So i took it back to subaru and it was defective. They replace it and had to basically wait for approval for overhauling everything even replacing the headgaskets. It was a big job that needed approval from Subaru headquarters. After all was said and done i drove home with a smooth car and took it to get smogged for renewal. And damn car started making such a bad noise like it exploded after dude revved the car several times. Came back he couldnt complete the test?!?
tried to drive home init but it would die after 3-5 minutes. What the hell happened?
i cant drive it anywhere far its like the car is gasping to breathe.
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