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Description: Bought a WRX for a project GC8 so major stuff like engine and transmission/driveline won't be available as I am hoping to use it. I purchased this car from the original owner.
Location of seller:Calgary,AB
Willing to ship:Yes
Method of contact:PM will be good
Price:All assorted pricing depending on item

Lots of things still available on the interior, spare tire, WRX turbo cross member, rear bumper crash bar, both passenger side doors are good condition,
driver rear door is good condition, trunk is good condition, driver and passenger tan color sun visors.
Airbag crash sensors, driver and passenger airbags, MOMO steering wheel, center airbag module.
Heater core, blower motor, all 4 door cards, dash assembly, instrument cluster.
Front grille assembly, AC compressor, AC condenser.
Rear seat belts, pretty much all interior trim pieces available.

Message me to inquire!

Front U Shaped sub frame
Side skirts
Rear Bumper
Steering wheel column surrounding trim pieces
Trim panel below steering wheel/change holder
Both front A pillar trim pieces
Shifter trim/boot
Front Bumper
Front fenders + liners
Slide out cupholder
Down pipe, mid pipe, muffler
Both rear tail light assemblies
Spiral Cable/Clock spring
Driver front seat belt
Front door handle bezels
Trunk/gas release levers
Both front headlights
Radio Bezel/Center dash trim
Center arm rest lid/latch
Front bumper metal crash bar
Both front heated seats
Both front outer side mirrors
HVAC control unit
Both front sun visors
Dash clock assembly


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Where abouts r u Is ur uppipe standard how much the bit on top of the dash where the clock goes the accelerator cable clutch slave cylinder I'm in Melton vic 3337 if u have to post what do unwanted for them

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I would need the uppipe for my swap.
I can sell the clock assembly for $25 USD plus shipping.
Also are you talking about the long trim piece that goes from driver a pillar to passenger a pillar?
Looking for $20 USD plus shipping for that piece please.

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Vehicle is towed away, thanks for all the inquires and purchases. I do have a few left over items but I will post them up after the project is complete.
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