I'm selling the 2002 Impreza that I have been working on for a few months now. The car runs and drives, but it is not flawless. Vehicle has an EJ20 motor that is not turbocharged. Reason for selling: I do not drive it as much as I used to and this car needs to be driven.

current mileage is 225,305

Pros: car runs and drives
coil over suspension
aftermarket stereo with Bluetooth
front windows function
fresh tires (less than 300 miles on them)
windshield has been replaced

Cons: paint (does not look good from a mile away)(no factory color paint on hood or trunk)
seats require replacement or reupholstered
exhaust has been cut short (vehicle is loud)
no rear seat
rear windows do not go down
airbag light is on
front bumper does require some work (in process of fixing as much as I can)

Arizona title for vehicle in hand