Located in the White Center area of West Seattle.

The sad day has arrived. I'm selling our 2001 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport. It’s an automatic with 227,727 miles on the clock. Clearly, it’s not stock. I modified it for our camping and forest service road adventures. Couple of times on the BDR and she did great!

Dome details:

  • Timing belt / water pump was done at 156,616 miles so should be good for a bit.
  • Recent oil change with Mobile 1 Full Synthetic.
  • New front brake rotors, calipers, pads + new rear drum brake hardware, drums, shoes this past summer.
  • New head, valve cover, intake / exhaust gaskets, thermostat @ 191,112 miles.
  • eBay cats, mid-pipe, and muffler (stock headers, tho)
  • Quick-release steering wheel (mainly for theft deterrent, but also: scene points) NRG short hub + quick release + spinning hub lock + NRG steering wheel (horn works, stock wheel + clock spring will be included)
  • Hella horns
  • Optima YellowTop battery
  • Fumoto drain valve
  • Lifted on Forester struts with King Springs @ 216,895 miles
  • Gorilla Offroad Company adjustable trailing arms (super beefy, super quiet)
  • Bassett Racing 57RN4 15x7 5x100 +0 wheels
  • General Grabber AT2 205/75/15 tires (about 70% remaining tread depth)
  • Curtis trailer hitch
  • Honda Pilot rear wiper arm w/ Honda Odyssey wiper blade
  • LED reverse bulbs
  • LED interior bulbs
  • LED gauge cluster bulbs
  • Keyless entry (two fobs, two keys)
  • Rhino Rack roof basket
  • Weathertech windshield sunshade
  • New-ish head unit with hands-free mic kit (I installed a set of speakers all around, they are either Alpines or Kickers, I forget. They all work but the sound isn’t great -- 90’s lack of sound insulation.)

She ain’t fast, the rolling diameter of the snow-rated knobbies make sure of that. But for a trail car, I don’t need fast, I need reliable. And little miss piggy here hasn’t failed me once. Starts up fast each and every time and runs like a top, albeit a slow top. Slow like the realization that you’re 40 years old now and adult responsibilities preclude you from chasing the dreams that long ago slunk to their silent, unnoticed deaths where dreams go to die — your 30’s.

But just think. You’ll be the recipient of honorable nods and latent envy at all the dispersed camping sites when dudebros in their lifted tacos see you trundling uphill — stoically, diligently, inexorable like the sunrise, Twitter circle-jerk pissing matches, and taxes — in a hulked out Roo that hails from the Clinton administration.

Anyway, $6,000 and it’s yours. No trades. Clean title in hand. First come, first served. Any questions, be like my mom when it comes to grandchildren, do not hesitate to ask me.