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Parting out a 2001 RS coupe. Not interested in shipping any heavy stuff (like trans or rear end.) I will be pulling off parts over the holidays, so let me know if there is anything you need. I prefer pickup or meeting in KY/TN and maybe even SC but can ship stuff that I can get a box that it fits in. Here is a list of what is already gone:

> engine
> hood
> doors
> front bumper and cover
> grill
> instrument cluster
> seats
> rocker mouldings (side skirts)
> spoiler
> trunk lid

The quarters look good for the typical Impreza of that age, if anyone needs to replace your rusted out one...but obviously you'd have to come get that/those. The car looks like it has never been wrecked if anyone needs a shell. There is no title.

If it's attached to the car in the pic, it'll be attached until after the 18th more than likely.

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Don't worry about shipping heavy stuff. UPS have crating service. They show up at your garage with a crate, you put heavy stuff into it, and they leave. Buyer pays shipping.

If it's a diff or something, there is a pallet service. Don't want to ship an engine like that, but you could on the cheap. (Want to remove oil pan though).

Much easier to find a buyer across US this way.
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