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I’m getting rid of my 2001 2.5rs. It’s a 5spd sedan with 200,xxx miles, all stock except for dual beam 5k hids in the headlights, 3k hids in the fog lights and a pioneer head unit with an i-pod link. It is getting put up for sale because I do not have the funding to turn it into a wrx/sti swap project as originally intended and with the increasing high mileage have had to pump more money into it just to keep it driveable.

The clutch fork, clutch, master/slave cylinder, and flywheel were done around 175k along with replaced trans fluid. Whole new brakes were added due to the originals being worn down completely and the cv joint and axle on the front left replaced as well if I remember, about a month ago.

The transmission gear synchros have been going bad as well and cannot driven aggressively , but is still driven daily. The body has a little bit of quarter panel rust and two tiny dents: One on the front right door below the mirror and on the right quarter panel.

Im in Ohio and asking $3,000 cash for the car as is.



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