2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS
2 door coupe_5spd manual

Located in Crosby Texas (NE Houston)
Year: 2000
Model: Impreza 2.5RS
Miles: 178,xxx
Transmission: 5spd manual
Title: clean clear blue (no floods, no accidents)
Price: $5k

Somewhere lost between Mad Max and Rat Rod is my little monster RS. So, here goes. I bought it back in 2011 from a guy I knew at UTI (insert jokes here). It was already black but had a WRX wing, RS wheels, and aftermarket steering wheel. It also had a bad head gasket, leaking power steering rack and bad wheel bearing, the AC compressor was in a box in the trunk and the radio had been stolen. So first the bearing was replaced, I redid the AC, installed new head gaskets and decided to do the timing belt and water pump. I drove it like that daily for about five years, changing a few things along the way. A new radio, new steering wheel and shift knob, JDM tails(from Japan), BBS wheels and eventually I got a 22b replica wing (ebay, of course) and a STI strut bar (not installed). I was daily driving it until I got my f150, and my new job, and new hobbies to spend money on. So, the RS got left alone for a long while. Then the bastard didn't want to start (for a couple years), so I completely redid the battery cables and connections (trunk-battery, for no reason), 3 different fuel pumps, and finally after a new ECU, Now it starts and runs fine (I run it every weekend). During the Lockdown (馃憥) I just searched around looking for little things to buy for it, Subaru rubber mats and a rubber shifter boot, new shifter bushings, new radio bezel, JDM sun visors (for no damn reason). Finally I started sanding of the black and looking at the body work, and trying to figure out what the hell I'm going to do with it. I'm not going to just give it away, for nothing, to nobody. It sounds cheesy but I want someone who is going to make it better than I could. I've had this car for 10 years and didn't hardly make any progress twords what I would like to see this car become. I'm gonna be very blunt about the condition of my car, it's not awesome looking, but it's got so much damn potential. Anyways long story long, that's the deal.

Modifications: Front lip (from eBay), Keyless entry (it has a clicker!), KN filter(who cares), STI cat back exhaust and no-name headers, BBS RS wheels continental tires( tires are old, one wheel has curb damage), 22b replica wing (no I don't have the original wing, it came with a WRX wing, (I still have that WRX wing if anyone wants that)), BRZ battery relocated to trunk, Hella battery disconnect, JDM tail lights, I also have an STI front strut bar that isn't currently installed and other stuff probably

Original engine: starts and runs, actually has AC(this is Texas), no visible oil leaks or smoke, changed the timing belt and pulleys, water pump and head gaskets, replaced the power steering rack, and fuel pump.

Probably needs a new clutch, power steering pump is kinda leaking, brakes have drilled rotors and are old as hell. Needs new tires to be safe.

Interior condition: mostly good overall, really not to bad (just ignore the LED lights), it has all the panels and the headliner is nice, sunroof is working, no leaks.

JDM WRX steering wheel( also have new style WRX steering wheel if anyone is interested)

Seats are stock 6/10( driver's seat has a tear in side bolster, both need cleaned) I have the back seat it's just not in the car

Dash is really good condition except the cover of the pop open cubby is cracked, Carpet is ok, Subaru rubber mats, new pedal covers

Double din radio (no rear speakers. I'm not big on music, it works, good enough)

Body condition: ok...No rust, but does have a paint job that is... Bed-liner (Long story please don't ask). Some of which I have started to sand off but it needs a little bit of body work(small dent near the gas door),and a lot of paint (original color was Blue ridge pearl). Has many stupid stickers, (don't ask why).

Fog light covers(more eBay), no fog lights but the wiring is all there,(lights were to broken to keep), also has clear turn signals and markers,(still have all the original amber lenses and vents

There's a lot of stuff I'm forgetting about so ask if you have any questions

$5k (not serious but, maybe). I won't consider any offers unless you have seen the car, so please don't. I don't even really want to sell it, but I might have to...

Pictures: these are the good pics from 10ft away and about five years ago, I just took a bunch of new pics and I'm gonna post them whenever I can do it all together
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