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2000 RS, Ej205 & STi Trans
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First off I am located in Altamont NY, which about 20 minutes from Albany.

Ok, I have had this car for over 3 years now and I have had some good times with it but I think its time to move on. Just bought a house and i'm not nearly as interested in the car as I once was. I am asking 5500 firm just to save the drama of negotiation and that is what I paid for it 3 years ago with way more problems and way less done to it. "OMG!?!! Why is the price so low for this awesome of a car?" is what i'm sure you are asking, well 2 reasons:

1: It has a couple of minor issues, although NOTHING affects its ability to be driven. I go into detail about this further down.

2: I'm not going to sell it to you unless you seem like you plan to fix the car up and not crash into a guard rail 2 weeks later. I spent hundreds of hours on this car and i'm much less concerned about how much money I get for it than seeing it go to someone who will treat it well. Maybe that sounds stupid to you and you don't understand but try putting hundreds of man hours into a project over 3 years and maybe you will then understand.

Pictures of the car:

The Good:

Has all the mods, literally a mod list a mile long, listed in excrutiating detail at the bottom of this page
Built motor with only 7000mi
A blast to drive
Not really any rust, there is a little spot on the driver door but... well its a door and can be replaced easily and it doesn't even go through, just surface rust. Otherwise it has ZERO rust.
Besides not having any rust it is in pretty good shape. With a little bit of money and time you could have it almost perfect. Doesnt have any no major scrapes, dents etc...

Great tune done locally by Turbo Tek Ray

Includes a set of $100 aerocatch hood pins that you can have installed if you like, that makes the whole deal worth it right there.

All mechanical work on the car done by me, an ASE certified mechanic.

I drive it to work once a week so this is only the 3rd winter it has seen with road salt, it came from southern CO.

The Bad:

Driver fender and front bumper are candy apple red, the rest of the car is is SRP, ie maroonish.

The biggest problem with the car is I think there might be a tiny crack in the top of the fuel tank. It leaks a small amount of fuel on corners when it is more than half full. I haven't had time to take a serious look at this but even if it needs a whole new tank they go for like 50-100 bucks at most and only takes 3-4 hours to install. So far I have just only been filling it up like halfway and if you do that it is fine. It could even just be something stupid like one of my evap system plugs popped off. Seriously haven't had time to look and probably wont for a while. If you buy the car you can fix it yourself.

Leaks a tiny bit of oil from the oil pan. Not a ton but like 3-4 drops every time you park it, in 5000 miles it amounted to like a quart and a half of leakage.

They aren't really what I would call bad but the tie rod ends on the pass side should be replaced at your earliest convenience

Needs new tires, the ones in front have just started to have some cords showing. I mean you can drive it home or whatever its not that bad but I wouldn't drive it much until you get new ones.

Driveshaft needs to be balanced, although you cant tell until you are going over about 100. I'm sure that is the problem though because I accidentally knocked a weight off it. If you don't plan on going over 120ish then it also isn't much an issue.

Cant adjust the HVAC mode (Choosing where the air blows out) The tab broke off the heater box so you have to adjust it by reaching under the dash, or just leave it on windshield and feet like I do.

Is missing 2 of the plastic blinker housings for the front bumper. In one of my less coordinated moments when I took them off I stepped on one and dropped the other. If nobody buys this within a couple weeks I might just buy new ones, you can buy both for only like 40 bucks.

The Neutral:

Rides like a rock

Is super loud and the interior rattles a bit, if that is the sort of thing that is going to bother you this seriously isn't the car for you.

Probably by far the hardest standard to drive that I have ever tried to drive, zero room for error with the clutch. The clutch is a borderline on/off switch, is very stiff and the driveline has all poly bushings so the car tells you very forcefully when you make a mistake. Although after driving it for 8 monthes now I can shift it like butter smooth, just takes practice.

No radio or speakers, although all the wiring is still there and I have the radio for it if you want it

Has racing harnesses, some people dont like them but I dont have the original seatbelts anymore so too bad. If you bought some they would obviously fit in it.

Will need a harness bar to use the rear seat, they are rear anchoring harnesses. I mean you can use it but its uncomfortable for whoever is in the back. The back seats on this car are super tiny anyways. They should have never made this car in a sedan.


No emissions equipment at all, doesn't throw any visible CELS though either.

My thoughts:

I love pretty much every second of driving this car, but if you are unlike me and are bothered by minor interior rattles and vibrations, are looking for a show winner or want a luxury car don't waste my time, buy something else. This car was built to be awesome to drive, fast and as reliable as you could get under the circumstances, little consideration was paid to anything else, this is about as raw a driving experience as you are going to get in a car as new as this, zero driver aids and no silly electronic ****, anything that came with the car was completely removed. And its quite fast, I never had it dynoed but a educated guess says about 280ish whp, in a car that weighs about 800lbs less than a new STi. Even with that amount of power its all the stock size high performance all season tires can do to grip in first and second. Spinning through first, even from a roll depends on the temperature outside and a quick shift barks the tires into second almost every time, even in summer on a dry road. It takes corners as fast I would ever feel comfortable taking them on a public road and with not much weight behind it, it stops as fast as I have ever needed it to. I don't beat on it too bad since well I know how to drive and its well maintained but i'm not going to lie like some people and say it was always driven like a grandmother and never launched. Seriously who builds a car like this and never gets on it?

Mod list is below



Wiseco forged 0.20 over pistons
Eagle H beam rods
04+ cross drilled crank
ACL race bearings
11mm JDM STi Oil Pump
Brian Crower Valve Springs
Stock Cams

VF-30, Ported
Perrin BCS
Perrin Fuel Rails
Aeromotive Adjustable Fuel pressure Regulator
Walbro 255
DW 750cc Injectors
Perrin Short Ram Intake
APS Catless Turboback Exhaust
Invidia Up-pipe
Group N motor mount
Perrin crank pulley


JDM 96 STi 555 Edition takeoff
Group N Mount
Kartboy Shifter bushings
ACT Streetlite flywheel
Competition stage 2 clutch
DSS Aluminum Driveshaft


Koni/GC combo
Perrin 22mm rear sway
Cusco Camber Plates frnt/ GpN mounts in the rear
Most bushings replaced with poly


Bugeye WRX Fronts
Hawk HPS pads all round
Brembo Blanks all round
Wilwood Hi temp 570 fluid
96 Brighton Master cyl (No ABS) and single stage brake booster


A bunch of prosport gauges
WRX dash swap
WRX seats
Schroth Rallye 4 point Harnesses
Some other useless junk stripped off, like ABS sensors, ABS tone rings, ABS block, sound deadening tar, interior insulation mats etc...
JDM Front Bumper and the lightweight beam.
03 Bugeye Wheels w/ Toyo Proxes 4's
Battery in the Trunk

2000 RS, Ej205 & STi Trans
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Thanks Ray, and

Somebody asked for more pics, figured i'd post them in here.

And I work for a carpet and upholstery cleaning business so before anyone buys the car i'll go through and steam clean the whole interior for you. Not that its gross but it will clean up nice.

2000 RS, Ej205 & STi Trans
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Got a deposit, sold pending the rest of the money.
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