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2000 Impreza OBS repainting roof

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Hey all,

I recently bought a 2000 impreza outback sport. I love it, but its exterior needs a lot of TLC. I've been planning on sanding down and applying a new clear coat to the roof because of severe fading, but I noticed a rust spot at the extremity of one of the three roof "bars", as shown in the attached picture (not the roof rack, the protection bars drilled directly into the roof). I'd like the remove this bar in order to remove the rust and repaint, but I don't know how it is attached to the roof and I want to make sure I can install it back afterwards. In particular, I'm afraid that if it is drilled directly into the roof, I won't be able to attach it back after. Does anyone have experience removing these?

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Following as well, roof rail ends on mine looks similar. water tends to pool around them.
I'm also itching to either repaint or vinyl wrap them.
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