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So i have a 2000 2.5RS, 5MT. My problem is that when the vehicle is travelling f aster than 5mph, in neutral or in gear, loaded or unloaded, the rear of the car sounds very similar to as if i were driving with very big offroad tires, except louder. The wheel bearings have no movement, and were just replaced in the last 5,000 miles, so i'm thinking it's not the wheel bearings. I checked my diff, after driving for a while, the diff was at a normal temperature, and have checked multiple times, the diff is still full and there is no metal or anything in the fluid. Anyone have any ideas as to what it could possibly be?

I'm at a complete loss, short of putting the car on all fours and really getting under there, since my driveway will be solid ice for a while still. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...
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