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2 Days and a Thousand miles

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So I took the first serious road trip in my RS since turboing it back in April.

Drove to SC and back in 2 days.

I was kind of worried, since I haven't driven it over 100 miles or so away at any given time. I kept an eye on all the gauges to make sure I could pull over before anything went boom.

It worked great, and going for an hour or more without hitting positive boost, I got about 28 mpg.

I'm a lot more confident now about the whole thing.:nuetron:
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whats speeds were you going, what rpms were you haning in? Do any speed sprints? what boost level and what octane were you using... I am rs-ting this summer and I will be takeing 10 1000 miles trips a year minimum.
Also did you take any breaks? How long were they if you did? Any problems...with egts? Heat?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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