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The Lucid Grounding kits are designed FOR YOUR 2.5RS. Not some one size fits all kit here :D
Kits are made of 8ga high grade stereo power wire and high quality ring terminals color matched shrink tubing (except dark blue which uses black), each ring terminal is bolt sized matched for a perfect fit, and also includes color matched zip ties.

Kits come in these colors: (red, black, green, blue)

Standard kit includes standard ring terminals and sells for $30 shipped via priority mail
Upgrade kit (with gold terminals) sell for $40 shipped via priority mail.
Super Upgrade kit (gold terminals fully soldered) 60$ shipped

All kits include Online directions with pictures for easy installation.

If you have any questions please email me at
[email protected]

woot, how about a limited run of lime green :D
08 STI & 71 FJ40 & ruckus
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ahh crap. looks like all the pages were deleted.
so, here is a summery of what people have said :D
Customers testomonies

so i got my Grounding kit in the mail today. i installed it, with my bro. it took bout 15 minutes. very easy...
what i noticed after the install...

-the 4k hesitation has vanished
-revs are incredibly smooth (i have a lot of mods, including cams)
-idle is more consistant...but it is still bad...(cams and pullies)

$40 well spent!!!

the only reason i noted what i had was because cams and pullies messes up the idle and the ground kit helps fix the problem a little. just clearing things up just in case you all thought that i was trying to say ground kits have better results on a modded car

i might be just me...but the car is feeling better and better since the day i installed the kit. there is no break-in period is there.... there shouldn't be...but the car feels better today than it did yesterday...

omg the grounding kit is know how somtimes if ur cruising around a parkinglot and you let off the gas and you jerk around a little....after i installed the grounding kit... that totally's amazing I totally suggest that EVERYONE buys this

whats up guys,
i just installed the ground kit and its sweet, i wasn't sure if it would really do much but i was wrong, the car excellerates better when driving at like 2k rpm, it isnt jerky anymore when driving in 1st gear (like in a parking lot), the car is also smoother when going from 1st to 2nd to 3rd etc.... ,,, its all around GREAT,, anyone who is not sure if it is worth $30 , IT IS,, its probably the best $30 i've spent

I got my kit last week, installed it that same day. Holy $hit this thing does number on the car. It's almost a difference of night and day. Car Idles smoothly, revs better, overall has a better/newer feel for it.. $40 Buck far more worth it. Installation took about 15 minutes... I would recommend going onto his site and looking at the color pictures for a better understanding.. Yeah.. Thanks Shane for an awesome mod. I'm telling everybody about it and you. MY car is pimp.. haha thanks.

Paranoid Fabrications.. Just wanted to say its a really good product just installed mine today took only 20 mins.. wire tied everything up nice id highly recommend this to anyone else good deal and product. I let the car run for about 10 mins after installation then brang it for a ride right away realizing hesitation was completely gone, and that right there was a huge plus. Thanks again `Nick

Right away I noticed that switching gears are a lot smoother - as with jerkiness of it in 1st gear, i still notice it but that could be due to the way I drive.

Put my kit on this weekend, all I can say is WOW. It made a HUGE difference. Before I got it, I was paying special attention to how my car behaved, so I'd be able to tell what difference(s) it made:

- Jerkiness in 1st (stop & go traffic, parking lots): GONE.

- Idles noticeably smoother.

- Acceleration is now even and smooth.

I am extremely impressed with this product. It was relatively simple to install (even for a complete n00b like me), except for a minor snag removing the bolt behind the throttle body. The instructions were easy to understand and follow, and the pictures on Paranoid Fabrications helped immensely.

Shane, you are the MAN, and I definitely appreciate the super-fast response. Thanks again

Just got my kit last night. Put it on in about 10 mins. (after Joe (SeeingStaRS) put his on first. HUGE difference, great performance...thanks!!

Yeah Jarrad had a rough one last night - grounding mod through his butt dyno way outtta wack

Anyways Shane thanks for super fast shipping and a quality product. Everything looks, feels and PERFORMS great!! I'am grateful Jazz95 suggested this modification.

Noted Improvements:
-Third gear in my car pulls like a freight train
-Revs are smoother
-Engine start up and shut down is far easier
-Far fewer back fires and pops when I let off the throttle and engine brake
-Bucking is nearly eliminated.

Awesome mod for the money. For all of you guys holding out, plunk down the dough and just do it - you'll be happy, trust me.

Yeah I got mine last week, been meaning to thank ya for such a nice kit, but I've been busy.

I have noticed that the bucking is gone in second gear, but still there in first, to a lesser degree though. I have also noticed that the car rev's alot more smoothly, as well as an improvement on engine start-up, and shut-down.

Once again, thanks man! Needless to say, my RS is proud of wearing the Paranoid Fabrications sticker!

Put my kit on last night. good stuff! came here fast, and it does what everyone says it does. would buy from this guy again.

the black looks awesome on my car! just that damn bolt near the throttle body was a pain. make sure you have an open 12mm wrench, as well as your ratchet set.

My grounding kit (I got it in blue with the gold terminals - looks FANTASTIC) helped with the hesitation. I think it's still there a little, but I don't notice it anymore like I used to.

Yeah, I got the upgraded wires and installed them. At first the hesitation totally dissapeared. Then the car was back to runnin like sheeit. I think the motor is to far gone, and am in need of some engine management asap. Probably needs a rebuild aswell. Wires look great, I will say that!

Just installed the grounding kit, i chose the color black. Instructions were very informative and easy to follow. Took me about 25 minutes but i'd route the wire then decide i didn't like it. Anyways, from the lil 5 minute drive i took I noticed no more hesitation at 4k rpms and less choppiness in low gears. I'll have to test drive further to get a more accurate review. The quality is A+! as well as the customer service! Thanks Shane!

Got mine today, installed in about 20mins. Impressed w/ the quality but u should have better pictures on the directions, sometimes its hard to tell which bolt your refering too. But its done now,so im happy. Not that big of a difference, but for 30bucks i was impressed. Revs are definetly smoother, especially in the higher range. I also think it might be helping my high gear, high rpm, accelleration too. She got to 130 quicker than usual, ;-)

Props to Shane and his grounding kits.

(FYI: super easy to install if you just read the directions closely )

I decided cut everything apart before I realized that they are zip-tied together in the proper order.

Put in mine about 2 weeks ago and at first had some trouble with my stereo setup. Moved around my audio grounds to some new spots and everything is back to normal (and even sounds a little louder and cleaner now).

Didn't do too much for the hesistation around the 3.5k-4.5k rpm range, but the bucking in 1st and 2nd gears has quieted down a bit.

Now back to your regularly scheduled

Shane, bought your kit a month or so back. Looks great and has brightened up the headlights a bit.

I have a set of of this kit in blue and its great. It was extremely easy to install and it does seem to smoothin the car out. I cant feel much on the horse power end of things but even in 20 degree weather the car turns on with no problem and it runs very smooth. Thanks again for a great product and for being a great vendor

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Grounding kit

Just installed this last weekend. Revs are smoother and the jerkiness is reduced in 1st -3rd gears while in city traffic. :banana: Install was simple with the illustrated directions. Took about 30 minutes. (It would have been less if I hadn't broke the bolt that connects to my battery)
Ships quickly too. I got mine in under a week.
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Sorry about that. you should have goten a Tracking numer and Directions in a email.
Let me konw if i can help :D
oh, and my move is finished, and now live back in Santa Barbara :D

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A bump and a feedback.

Just got mine on Saturday and i swear it sounds like my car is running smoother, very much worh the 30bucks. Thanks!!

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Well i just ordered the ground kit and the OEM wire upgrade kit both the SUPER up grade. Thats 120 bucks so we will see how it all turns out and how well its all put together.

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Well I recieved it quickly and the fit and finish of the wire set up looked good. The install pics are really lacking they need to blown up or refocused to see clearer. The install for the most part was easy however I did change the second ground location to the bolt that holds down the intake manifold so as it would be in contact with the block. Its hard to say if it makes a big difference I've only driven it a couple of times since it was installed but it does seem to smooth things out a bit.

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Got mine sometime last week and put them on yesterday. I bought the super upgrade and it was worth every penny. I could tell a difference as soon I began driving. The car is definitely smoother and the what lil bit of hesitation I had is totally gone. If you havent done this yet, do it!
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