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2.5 Turbo Kit for Sale

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I am now selling my turbo kit seperately.....

Kit consists of:

Minnam Stage II kit
Turbonetics T3/T4
Tial Wastegate
Greddy Intake
Greddy Type-S BOV
Large Top Mounted Intercooler
No cat in downpipe

Interior Parts Included:

Center mounted pod
Autometer Phantom Boost, EGT, and Oil Pressure Gauges

Parts not yet on the car but will come with kit:

High flow cat
RC Engineering 440 injectors
Walbro Fuel Pump

Kit has just 6000 miles on it, at maximum boost of 3psi. All you need is the engine management of choice (TEC, LINK, whoever). And you will be able to run up to about 9psi. If you get the TEC, all you need is the unit that you can get for about $1600 or less.

I am asking $3800 obo.

I am also still selling the car and kit as a whole for $21,000.


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I sure wish I had the money. This kit looks good.
TEC-II for Turbo = $2500 for future reference

Wow I didn't realize T3/T4 in the Minnam Kit was externally gated. Very nice!
That would be the price from shiv for the tec-II unit, injectors, fuel pump, and wires.....

Not just the unit.....

For Future Reference.....

Primitive has it for $1750 so I was really close....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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