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10k is a pretty solid buy for that car. even in todays market.
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holy shiiiit. this makes me feel so much better about my third gens fresh engine. that lead, iron, and aluminum content is HIGH. 3x the universal averages of aluminum, almost 5x the averages of iron, and double the average lead. that motor doesn't have much left in it.

Here is my turbocharged impreza, three samples. two with 1500 miles, and one with 500ish because it blew it up, this guy claims 4000 hours which works out to about 5.5 months of continuous run time, wtf is it a boat? But also, remember it blew it up and look at what's in the oil compared to that carsnbids car. If I'd been the seller I would have kept that oil analysis to myself cause thats NOT good.
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Here is my non-turbo third gen legacy, which is getting more standard 3000 mile interchanges.
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121 - 126 of 126 Posts