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So the car was fine when i bought it fast and peppy with 230 000 miles. After 25 000 miles it started to get slower. I had replaced the catalytic converter with another cat converter because i thought it was the cat being clogged. and cleaned the 02 sensors by vacuming all the dust it had on the original ones. When i installed everything it started right up and the car felt faster and felt like new again. After 1 day it began slow again like the ga spedal got harder to press and lack power. I then took out the front 02 sensor bank 1 and cleaned it with throttle body cleaner and i installed it back in without resetting battery or anything. Keep in mind it waa running like crap on throttle. But it idled low after warm up at 500 rpm. As i turned it on again it felt new again and peppy but after 30 min. It slowed down and began to feel slugish and it felt like it was loosing gas or leaning out. No CEL nothing turned on. Ive been driving it and put 93 octane and it felt a little faster but it felt like it was slow and engine didnt want to rev out.

Can this be my 02 sensor bank 1 is bad? I cleaned it and it runs better for 30 min or 1 day and then goes bad? I had a CEL for bank 2 - O2 sensor before and i just installed a bypass ebay tube and CEL went away but i never had a bank 1 CEL code.

Any help is appreciated.

I did buy a IAC gasket and will try this weekend to open the IAC and clean and replace old gasket. Maybe thats the problem?
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