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1st Gear Whining Noise

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For some reason whenever I accelerate in 1st gear and then let off the accelerator I get this really wierd whining noise. The noise is similar to the noise you would hear when in reverse if you gased it and let off. Anyone else have this problem?? I only have 30,000 on my car and I am wondering if it is normal or if it is time to take it to the dealership. Also, I have a really rough time getting my car into first gear. The usual routine when first starting my car is to throw it into either 3rd or reverse and then into first, that is the only way it will go in. ?? Anyone that could provide any information about these problems and what to do to take car of it, it would be very much appreciated.
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I'm not sure about your first gear whine, but I know if I have it in first and clutch in, it makes a very distinct sound... goes away when you pop it into neutral.

As for your problems shifting into first, I have the same problem, but only when the car it cold. Once she warms up, it's smooth as silk. I would suggest that you try to change the transmission fluid, it can really make a big difference.
if you can't get it into first, just put it in neutral come off the clutch and go and try again, should work
Oh that whinning sound. I love it! I have it and I could only hear it when the radio's off. It makes my car sound like it's growing with power... like how a Supercharger makes it's sound. Only if I remember to turn off the CD player everytime I accelerate on first gear.:rolleyes: I don't get bothered with it. Actually, I think it was there right off the production floor.

Your tranny may need it's fluid changed to a slicker oil. I'm using Redline's MT-90, but I may need to change to the ones listed on one of Cobb Tuning's Tech Notes. That can help if we use new, slicker fluids.
Try this.....

If you are willing to take a chance with my personal experiences, do this: 2 quarts of Mobil 1 synthetic ATF and 2 quarts Lucas tranny treatment.

Your problems will go away......

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