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****Please note I been getting a lot of interest on the "RS" and are doing my best to answer your questions in order they've been received. However, if my inbox is full or you find it more convenient you may contact me via email @

1999 Subaru Impreza 2.5rs -200k (mostly highway)

Title: Clean

Color: Rally Blue Pearl

Engine: 2.5L SOHC

Trans: 5 speed

Wheels: 5 spoke "RS wheels"

OEM Alarm
New Valve Cover Gaskets
New Timing belt
New OEM Clutch
New Shift Bushings
New Battery
New Wiper Motor
New Brake Pads
New Cross Drilled Rotors
New Stainless Steel muffler

The bad:
Not running. Timing Belt went a little over a month ago :( So it will need to be picked up at your expense via flatbed. Was gonna repair it but I ended up buying a newer Subaru.
Rot near rear wheel wells

The car's interior is really clean, however the exterior has some rot and some dents. The rot is around the rear tire wells, as most of you know it is a common issue for a 13yr old Subaru....The car is mostly all stock (except for a new aftermarket muffler) even the OEM badges are still on. I have 1 OEM key and fob as well as the owners manual.

$1300 locals preferred. sold sold sold


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Just went and saw this today, Joe's an awesome guy. Interior is mint, but there is a significant amount of rust unfortunately :(

Someone go buy it off him, he never even got to drive it!

Free bump for OP.

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how far are you from ontario new york. id be willing to do 1,000. it doesnt run because when the belt went the valves hit the pistons. mine did the same. need new valves gasket and maybe pistons..

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why did the timing belt go if it was new? was one of the pullies/idlers old? if the sale doesn't go through might be interested, don't know when i could get up there though
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