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I've got a 99 gf8 wrx.

Some of my cars intercooler piping was leaking, so I replaced it all. The pipes look fine, they're all secure etc. I've checked over it all so many times. But now, the check engine light is on. And whilst I was revving it in neutral (to see how it was running), especially after higher revs, it seemed to want to stall.

I went under the dash and connected the read connectors and I got error code 22 and 23 (which are apparently the knock sensor and the MAF sensor). Everything was fine beforehand. And not long ago my knock sensor was replaced.

I have an aftermarket BOV, which I've had for ages. But when I was doing this work, one of the kids started twisting it. I've had it all the way soft which seemed to make the stalling worse. And then I've had it all the way hard, which at first seemed to make it run better (which makes a lot of sense), but then after a while and some high revs it still wants to stall.

The fuel mixture does smell a bit funny too, not like how it usually smells.

I'm just wondering what has happened and what I should do.
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