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For sale is a used, but well maintained 1998 Subaru Impreza wagon. The vehicle is used, so it will have its dents, dings, scratches, etc. for its age, but the vehicle has been very well maintained while I have owned it.

The good:
- Newly installed keyless entry system
- A/C works great
- New full F&R tint (done by a reputable shop in Austin)
- Larger 2.2L engine option
- Reliable manual transmission
- Power windows, steering, etc. and everything works fine

Just within this last year, we have serviced or installed the following:
- New front and rear speakers, and ran wires back to the rear for a subwoofer amplifier.
- New KYB AGX adjustable struts (F&R) and COBB springs.
- New black housing headlights and corner lamps.
- New PS pump (the original one was starting to whine).
- Recently shampooed entire interior.
- Four wheel alignment performed after suspension install.
- New rear hatch struts installed
- Hood struts installed

The bad:
- Typical dents, dings and scratches for a used car
- One larger scratch in the paint above the rear passenger wheel well, just surface rust
- The outer bolster on the driver's seat is worn
- The latch for the interior roof light is missing, but everything still works
- Could use a clay bar and wax

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns. We are only selling since we purchased a newer, larger station wagon and no longer need this vehicle. I am traveling for the holidays so please allow me a little longer to respond. This vehicle can be inspected in person, but please bring a valid driver's license if you wish to test drive the vehicle. We would need to accompany you if you wanted to bring the car to your mechanic.

Local CL posting with pictures can be found here. Happy browsing.

98L Wagon
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