THIS is a 1998 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport Wagon. With 252,000 miles, this Impreza has seen a lot of use, but is still a strong runner. Perfect for a first project car, a beach basher, or an inexpensive car to keep around for winter, this wagon shares its DNA with it’s Rally brethren. In Japan, this generation Impreza was also offered with a turbo. This car would serve as a great platform for a WRX swap project for a Subaru enthusiast. This generation of Impreza wagon shares the underpinnings with it’s American sedan and coupe siblings. It sports a mighty 2.2 liter engine punching horizontally for a low center of gravity with its iconic boxer engine design. Row through the gears with the 5 speed manual transmission and enjoy the message of our people; cars should have 3 pedals gosh darn it!

Does it have perfect paint? No! The clear coat is faded pretty bad in some areas. Does it have an exhaust rattle? Yes it does! Does it need some TLC for the heater controls to work right? Absolutely! But, you need this car to live out your dreams of becoming a rally driver, getting sideways and drifting in the snow, getting up to sorta-kinda moderate speeds on gravel roads, and cruising back roads in the most moderate of 90’s style! It has the cool rubber accordion boot on the shifter, it has a brand spanking new front window, it has a tiger stripe pattern on the seats and door panels, it has the factory rubber liner for the trunk, and even the little OEM trunk net thingy, for those all important grocery store items that you don’t want rolling around in the back. It even features a factory hood scoop and vents that do absolutely nothing! It does not burn or leak any oil, it just keeps putting along. This gem features hood pins and an aftermarket radio as it’s only upgrades, and with schweet 5 spoke 16” WRX wheels this Impreza is ready to roll!